1. How can I see the collection?
Just send us an email with your company details. After checking the details we will send you the Password. If you are already a customer you can see the Password on all our invoices.

2. What Materials are available?
The main focus on the collection is 18k Gold. However there are models available in other materials. These are shown on this website at the details of the selected model. Depending on model and quantity 9k or other materials are available for selected models.

3. What colors are available?
The available colors of each item is indicated at the details of the item. Apart from the indicated colors all models are also available with a black ruthenium plating. Silver models can be plated with rhodium, yellow gold, rose gold and black ruthenium.

4. What lengths for chains are available?
Our standard lengths are 42 and 45 cm. However you can order any other lengths as well.

5. How long is the delivery time?
We have stock. Most orders can be delivered within 10 days. The maximum delivery time is 4 weeks. The delivery time for special models can be a little longer.

6. Where can I see the original collection?
We participate at jewellery shows all over the world. Details are provided at this website under „Information – Fairs“. You are welcome to visit us in Pforzheim or at one of our shows.

7. Which agent is used for shipping?
For Europe and overseas we are using FedEx. High values are sent by air freight.

More questions? You are welcome to send us an email any time: